Speed Humps

Speed Humps Speed Humps Speed Humps

Speed Humps

Keep SA Traffic in Check with Well-Made Speed Humps

No matter where you’re located in SA, speed humps are a proven and effective way to keep traffic at speeds that are sensible and safe.

From 500mm wide speed bumps suitable for a car park to broader varieties that also double as pedestrian crossings, the team at Paveking will make sure your requirements are fully met.

No Corners Cut

Before any work begins, we’ll visit your location to see what traffic conditions you have in your area and to discuss your needs. Based on that we can then provide you with a suitable solution and a free no-obligation quote.

Across SA we have built speed humps for places such as:

  • Nursing homes

  • Car parks

  • Near schools and children’s play areas

  • Hospitals

  • Factories and industrial areas

Having an asphalt speed hump put in by an experienced team like ours is a quick process followed by a 24 hour setting period where it cannot be driven over. We can also spray the humps with diagonal white lines which is a requirement for any factory or industrial area.

Paveking Making Sure Things Go Smoothly

It’s best not to tempt fate by just having anyone in SA put in your speed humps. Paveking is your choice.

During all projects, the company’s director is onsite to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest of standards. The work we perform is covered by a standard guarantee and we aim high in what we do.

We are available to work onsite for you seven days a week no matter where you’re located in the SA.

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