Road Signs & Markings

Road Signs & Markings Road Signs & Markings Road Signs & Markings Road Signs & Markings

Road Signs & Markings

Paveking, in possession of the SANRAL and Johannesburg Roads Agency SOC Limited (JRA) ROADS & STORM WATER MANUAL, we have consistently been a trusted service provider for local authorities and municipalities of road marking.

We have trained and equipped our staff with the knowledge needed to read and understand standard design details for roads and storm water as required by the Johannesburg Roads Agency’s “Roads & Stormwater Manual” which comprises two volumes:

  • Volume 1: Code of Procedure;

  • Volume 2: Standard Design Details for Roads & Stormwater:

Part 1: Roads; and

Part 2: Stormwater.

In this part “Roadway Design” is divided into two sections, namely:

  • Roads: General; and

  • Roads: Design.

The “Roads: General” section deals with overarching details such a road hierarchy matrix and various typical road cross sections which include cross-over references to the basic location of stormwater pipes within the different road cross sections and which is not repeated in Part 2: Stormwater. The “Roads: Design” section deals individually with many of the elements which may comprise parts of the detailed design of a section of roadway.

Disabled roadway users include those pedestrians with sight impairment and/or physical mobility limitations. The Standard Design Details have been grouped into four sets, namely:

Section 1.2: Roads – General covering:

  • Road Classification;

  • Urban Access Management;

Basic Road Reserve Services Cross Sections.

  • Section 1.3: Roads – Design covering the following categories of details:

Kerb Types;

  • Entrances;

  • Public Transport Laybys;

  • Guardrails;

  • Enclosed Areas;

  • Parking Details;

  • Traffic calming.

  • Section 1.4: Roads – Complete Streets covering RISFSA road classes developed to future potential including provision for BRT and NMT:

Mobility & Access;

RISFSA Classes 2 to 6;

Pedestrian/Disabled Persons Crossings Details.

Paveking has done all types of Road Markings, namely:

Regulatory lines

School zone, playground and crosswalk lines

Lane use lines

Yellow lines

White lines

Hump lines

Parking lines

Object markers

Reserved lane markings

Other markings

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