Priming Priming Priming Priming Priming


Priming is a preliminary treatment before the application of a sprayed seal or asphalt surfacing on a prepared pavement using a suitable primer. Primers improve the bond between the pavement and the cover surface by penetrating the pavement.


Broom Cleaning

We thoroughly clean the pavement to ensure it is capable of bonding to the overlay.

Surfacing cleaning in Mabopane in progress

Paveking general application of bituminous binder

Paveking trains its staff in the application of binder to the surface.

When working with any binder on site, cleanliness is essential. If spillage of the binder does take place, Paveking cleans it up immediately.

Spraying the binder

Application of the binder

The emulsion binder is applied using the motorized hand sprayer in accordance with Paveking procedure for operating and applying binder using the motorized hand sprayer.

Spraying of binder in more than one application

We train our staff that because of the low viscosity of the emulsion (compared with a penetration bitumen), it is not possible to spray emulsion at more than ± 0,6 – 0,7 litres/m², without the binder tending to flow (even on the flattest surfaces).

Therefore, to overcome this problem, the tack coat is sprayed at 0,6 – 0,7 litres/m², and the balance of the calculated binder is applied as a penetration spray, where the aggregate will inhibit any untoward flow of the binder.

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