Road Stabilization: In-situ re-cycling

Paveking In-Situ Recycling

The Process

The process involves firstly pulverization of the existing carriageway in-situ and then second, spread and mixing in a cementitious powder to create a Hydraulically Bound Material layer to form a strengthened pavement. Throughout the operation the materials are trimmed, graded and compacted to return the recycled layer back to required finish levels before an asphalt surfacing or surface dressing is applied.
Fundamental is the requirement to undertake extensive site investigations and laboratory testing in advance of works taking place with the findings and resulting treatment proposal presented to clients through a Project Quality Plan.
On a scheme in an urban location or with fixed thresholds, the upper layer of the existing road may need to be planned in advance to provide a sufficient drop in the road level to accommodate the required thickness of asphalt surfacing.























Time Saving

  • Faster contract completion – as much as 60% quicker than other repair and maintenance methods
  • Up to 1,500m2 treated in a single day
  • Recycled road foundation can accept surfacing and traffic quickly
  • Less traffic congestion and need for long term diversion schemes
  • Swifter turnaround for greater productivity

Eco Friendly

  • Recycling in-situ material conserves natural resources
  • Fewer lorry movements, saving energy and reducing impact on local community
  • Fewer disposals to scarce landfill sites
  • Environmentally responsible process
  • Reduces CO2 emissions

Eco Friendly

  • Savings of up to 30% compared with conventional treatments
  • Effective solutions within restricted budgets
  • Less expenditure on imported materials
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Long term savings from longer lasting treatment

So, why don’t you talk to Paveking and engage us, we know and very experienced with these very technical processes. Call us now, we will give you the right advise, and will not try like pretenders, but will execute like the pros that we are.


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