Paveking is a growing supplier of small-scale Bitumen emulsions to an equally growing small scale labour intensive road construction and bituminous surfacing sector.

  • Cutback bitumen – MC10, MC30, MC3000

Bitumen’s versatility as a construction material is unparalleled. It has been used as an adhesive, sealant and waterproofing agent for over 8000 years in the construction and maintenance of roads, airfields and dam reservoir and pool linings; sound proofing; pipe coatings; paints, and many other uses.

Bitumen is a dark brown to black viscous liquid or solid, consisting essentially of hydrocarbon material. At ambient temperatures, bitumen has a solid or semi-solid consistency and softens gradually when heated.

The bitumen used in South Africa is obtained as an end product of the petroleum crude oil refining process. As a binder, bitumen is especially valuable to the civil engineer because it is a strong, readily adhesive, highly waterproof and durable material. It also provides some flexibility to mixtures of mineral aggregates (stones) with which it is usually combined in roads and pavement structures. Nearly all of the surfaced roads in South Africa have bituminous surfacing.

Safe Handling & Application

It is highly resistant to the action of aggressive chemicals. Although solid or semi-solid at normal temperatures, bitumen may be readily liquefied by:

  • Applying heat;
  • By dissolving it in petroleum solvents (cutters); and
  • Emulsifying it in water

Paveking provides product datasheet and MSDS to its customers and encourage them to consistently refer to them for proper safekeeping, application and waste disposal. We have a consistent SHEQ policy at Paveking.

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