Bitumen Emulsion

Spray Grade (Inverted) Bitumen Emulsion Prime

Paveking supplies Inverted Bitumen Emulsion which conforms to SANS 4001-BT5 specification.


Bitumen emulsion manufactured from bitumen and a cutback medium.



Specially designed as a prime for non-bituminous bases prior to surfacing.

The product is ideal for priming:

  • Natural gravel, crushed stone and stabilized bases.
  • Small areas by hand sprayer.
  • Damp bases and during inclement weather.



Penetrates the top 10 mm of the base with the aid of the cutter, whilst depositing a film of bitumen on the

surface to provide adhesion between the base course and the new surfacing.

Other benefits are:

  • Faster penetrating than MC 30.
  • Reduced solvent emissions vs cutbacks.



Conforms to SANS 4001-BT5 specification for inverted bitumen emulsion.



  1. The surface of the base should be well swept and slightly dampened with water before priming.
  2. Apply with a hand sprayer at ambient temperature or calibrated distributor at a binder spray temperature of 60°C and a

minimum road surface temperature of 10°C and rising.

  1. Drying time will depend on the porosity of the base and weather conditions. The prime must be allowed to dry before opening to traffic or proceeding with the construction of the surfacing.
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